Project Development & Support Services

Combining our specific expertise in the areas of electric power, environment and business consulting, APT’s Power and Energy division offers the following services for the study, development, construction and commissioning of Southeast Asia-based renewable energy projects:

Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis

As independent consultants, APT is uniquely qualified to examine the technical and economic merits of various project development options.  Our contacts with equipment manufacturers and independent engineers coupled with our knowledge of local conditions and technical experience enable us to develop and analyze detailed and accurate project models considering a range of technologies, financing alternatives and other options available and suitable for the project.

Site Selection

APT will help in locating technically and economically viable sites for a particular project taking into account such factors as access to the country’s electric power transmission grid and/or users of process steam, access to adequate water supply, site access, public receptiveness to the project, cost of land, proximity to fuel sources, and others.

Transmission System Access Studies

Based on site and available local transmission or distribution network information, APT will assess potential network-imposed constraints on a potential project and outline any feasible alternatives for dealing with those constraints.  Such studies may be cursory or very detailed depending on project needs and available network data.

Environmental and Community Impact Review

APT will review and document anticipated effects of the project on the local environment and community.  APT actively seeks public participation in the project siting and design process and works closely with area leaders in seeing that local communities obtain maximum benefit and minimum adverse impact from projects in which we are involved.  If required, APT is able to coordinate the preparation and submittal of detailed environmental assessment studies.

Fuel and Other Resource Availability and Procurement

APT possesses all of the capabilities necessary to locate, evaluate and procure fuels and other resources required to sustain the project for its lifetime.  We have access to extensive regional fuel availability and pricing data as well as experience in negotiating equitable long-term supply agreements.

Licensing, Permitting, Contracts and Compliance

APT’s familiarity with local issues related to both energy and the environment as well as our specialized team of legal consultants and associates enables us assist clients in getting projects off the ground quickly.  Our services in this area include applications for project approval from all relevant government ministries and oversight agencies, negotiation of power purchase agreements, application for appropriate tax and business incentives and development of operating protocols and guidelines that insure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and codes.

Preparation of Tender Documents and Evaluation of Bids

APT’s technical capabilities and familiarity with local and international commercial conditions enable us to work closely with clients to develop and issue tender documents that accurately reflect project requirements while still allowing a degree of flexibility to bidders in offering options which may benefit the project owner.  We assist our clients in objectively evaluating project tenders and negotiating contracts with preferred bidders.  Where project requirements indicate that it might be desirable, APT also manages the process of prequalifying prospective contractors and equipment suppliers.

Project Management and Construction Supervision

Our specific experience allows us to effectively and efficiently manage the construction, start-up and commissioning of all types of renewable energy projects.  APT’s site management and inspection personnel are able to anticipate problems before they occur and to quickly evaluate contractors’ recommended remedies.  We are well versed in all aspects of project management and the supervision of construction activities and always provide our utmost effort to insure that projects are producing revenue as scheduled and operating as specified.

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