Environmental Services

Environmental consulting services offered by APT focus on matters related to electric power and renewable energy projects, corporate environmental, health, safety (EHS) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and management consulting, occupational and community health services, environmental auditing and transactional due diligence.  Together with local and international affiliates, we possess considerable expertise in obtaining EHS regulations and in providing accurate translations of those regulations as well as environmental impact assessments, government notices and training programs.

Environmental and Community Impact Review

APT will review and document anticipated effects of the project on the local environment and community to meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements.  APT actively seeks public participation in the project siting and design process and works closely with community leaders in seeing that local residents obtain maximum benefit and minimum adverse impact from projects in which we are involved.  If required, APT is able to coordinate the preparation and submittal of detailed environmental impact assessment studies.

Environmental Site Assessment

For new and proposed projects, APT personnel are well versed in providing all of the services necessary to complete phase 1 environmental site assessments that meet the relevant requirements of the latest revision of ASTM E1527.

Magnetic Field Measurement and Studies

APT provides measurements of the EMF environment in the vicinity of transmission lines, substations and individual items of electrical equipment.  Studies include assessment of possible impacts of electrical and magnetic fields and recommendations for mitigation where appropriate.

Audible Noise Measurements and Studies

Measurements of the noise environment surrounding generating plants, substations and other types of facilities are provided to verify compliance with local regulations as well as to document actual “before and after” sound levels in the vicinity of new projects.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Services

's specific CDM-related capabilities encompass a full range of services, including the following:
  • Preparation of Project Idea Note (PIN)
  • Preparation of Project Design Document (PDD)
  • Support for DNA Approval
  • Support for Validation
  • Support for Implementation and Monitoring
  • Support for Verification