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Environment & Power Systems International
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APT supports Environment & Power Systems International on projects in Southeast Asia. VOCGEN by Environment & Power Systems International are small scale, highly robust simple cycle industrial gas turbine power generators that combine VOC abatement with the cogeneration of 0.560 MW(e) output power and an average 6.5MMBtu/hr high quality heat energy. VOCGEN can achieve overall system efficiencies (electricity and useful thermal energy) greater than 80%.  

Lee Enterprises Consulting

Lee Enterprises Consulting ( )

Lee Enterprises Consulting is the world’s premier bioeconomy consulting group with over 100 experts worldwide.  LEC experts have done thousands of projects in every corner of the globe.  The company has in-depth expertise in biodiesel, ethanol, biomass power, renewable chemicals, renewable jet fuels, pyrolysis, hydrolysis, gasification, waste-to-energy, anaerobic digestion, torrefaction, wastewater treatment, butanol, steam reformation, biochar, carbonization and biogas.   In addition to world renowned experts, LEC maintains ongoing relationships with many of the top renewable energy law firms, accounting groups, engineering groups, and technology providers.  Clients include investors, venture capital groups, banks, plant owners, and many others involved in alternative and renewable industries.  John Diecker is a member of the Lee Enterprises Consulting Group and manages projects in Southeast Asia.

Thermal Imaging Services ( )

APT is supported by InfraredGuard in energy management and other projects that require the use of thermal imagery. InfraredGuard uses the latest IR camera technology as a non-invasive means to inspect, monitor and support the diagnosis of physical conditions related to temperature aberrations or abnormal temperature conditions, be it property or equipment. Thermal imaging is a valuable tool in preventative maintenance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems, able to help detect problems, prevent unscheduled downtime, guide corrective action, and increase safety.

Other Links and Information

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